Case Lakea: Remarkable cost savings by modernizing IT systems

Lakea is a Finnish company specialized in real estate and housing management.

PROBLEM:  Old and expensive IT systems. Target to get modern digitalization system and modern tools.

SOLUTION: All old virtual machines have been migrated to the cloud (Azure & O365) including also Lakea’s financial management tool. Target was to use Microsoft based tools because of their integration needs between different tools/systems like CRM and SharePoint. Dynamics CRM is working as a master and all integrations to other apps and web page ( have been implemented through it. Nowadays Lakea has only one virtual machine instead of seven (SharePoint sites and Dynamics CRM are running in O365).

HOW IT TURNED OUT: Cost savings of 65% and latest technologies in use. New system is decreasing a lot of working hours because employees now have only ONE place in use for new data/projects. Thanks to reforms, employees can keep the focus in their main tasks.

WHAT MADE SUCH COST SAVINGS POSSIBLE: Consolidating systems and only one virtual machine instead of seven.

WHAT’S UP NEXT: Intelligence flathouse (IoT), customer satisfaction application, current financial management tool migration to Microsoft Nav. All of these projects will be integrated into Azure and they are using Microsoft technologies [O365 (inc. PowerBI)]. As the biggest IoT project we are building Lakea’s concept of intelligent housing which is based on sensors detecting house temperature among others. When abnormal action is detected information is automatically sent to property management. The concept includes also an application which is completely created by AJR Solutions.

“Lakea Ltd wants to be a pioneer in its sector. Modern information system supports development of functions now and in the future. AJR Solutions Oy gives us the opportunity of being in vantage point also from digitalization perspective.”

— Timo Mantila Lakea, CEO, Lakea

Lakea ja AJR Solutions: It-kustannukset alas

Lakea wanted to cut IT costs and partnered with AJR Solutions who built a cloud-based ERP for them. Next up, Lakea wants to offer its customers access to data – with the help of latest technologies. (Video in Finnish)