Case Valoya: Creating optimal light conditions using IoT

Valoya provides LED grow lights that optimize plant growth in any location in an energy-efficient way.

TARGET:  LED manufacturer needed a cloud-based IoT solution for a solar simulation system.

OUR SOLUTION: We developed an Azure IoT -based software solution that allows user to create specific light conditions from a remote location for any other location. The system captures light spectrum, for example in Brazil, and uses 8 different types of LEDs with calculated power levels to achieve the same spectrum in user location. The system utilizes multiple Azure technologies, such as Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Machine Learning, to achieve best possible analogue of the original spectrum.

FOLLOW-UP: We are developing the system and hardware further for it to be able to be used with even bigger setups. We’re using telemetry data collected from sensors and stored in cloud to learn what kind of light each type of plant needs, and that way to speed up their growing.

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