AJR Solutions developing software


AJR Solutions team has a long history in software development, allowing us to create software backed and vetted by experienced full stack developers. The core team has fifteen years of experience working for large global corporations and have implemented web and mobile applications, IoT solutions and cloud solutions. Explore our references to find out more about the real-life cases built by our team.

We are experienced in the following technologies:

  • A large variety of platforms, such as iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Leading technologies used on the web: Node, React, Angular, Express, MongoDB, React Native
  • Programming language like c/c++, c#, Java, Javascript, Objective C, Kotlin, Swift, PHP, Python, Perl
  • Web services (cloud computing): Azure, AWS, Openstack, Google Cloud, BlueMix
  • OpenCV and much more, you name it!

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IT Services


Is your IT infrastructure outdated? Are you looking for cost-savings? Do you have lots of data and you don’t know how to utilize it? – Let us transform your IT workflow by creating cloud solutions, always customized to your needs.

We provide comprehensive IT solutions for your business. Our experienced professionals plan and execute the modernizing of your IT environment and assist you with implementing the cloud infrastructure needed to transition your IT services into the cloud. We also offer support in moving files and tools to cloud environment.

Moreover, we offer Office 365 and Azure business licenses with full service (see more on Products page).

IoT at AJR Solutions


Drive digital transformation with IoT solutions tailored to your needs!

We offer end-to-end IoT solutions consisting of

  • IoT architecture designing
  • Front- and back-end software development
  • Implementation and integration between IoT devices and cloud
  • Analytics
  • Machine learnings
  • Mobile clients (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Modern technologies

Smart living and home automation are examples of IoT. Read more about our IoT solutions on our references.

Besides IoT solutions, we also offer IoT trainings. Read more on our partner Arrow ECS’s web page or ask for an offer of a customized training (

Cloud consultancy


AJR Solutions houses leading experts in the area of cloud services. Advance together with us as we help you to get the most out of the cloud services available to you.

Unsure on how to make the most out of the cloud? We have the know-how and the experience to provide solutions that fully encompass the needs of your business. Allow us to help you understand how you could save money, time and effort by moving your resources to the cloud.

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laser measurement data


Need to measure moving objects fast and precisely?

We produce end-to-end laser measurement systems that help you collect and analyze detailed data with impressive precision. This enables you to adapt production and react fast to any unwanted changes. Latest laser measurement and cloud technologies let you follow the quality of your production in real time anywhere you are.

If you would like to discuss about possible solutions for your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us!

production line


We develop tailored RFID solutions for advanced business needs.

Radio frequency identification is a way to efficiently identify and capture data from different types of objects using embedded RFID tags. An RFID tag can be attached to almost any kind of object and reading the tag does not require the tag to be in sight. RFID is an excellent technology to use in cases such as tracking tools and identifying moving objects in a production facility.

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How to migrate servers to cloud or virtual machines to another cloud vendor?

Let us do the work with our inventive migration tool CloudOnMove that is able to migrate any number of machines easier, faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before. We are experts in migrating workloads to the cloud, but also in more complex migrations such as TFS => Azure Devops -migrations. Read more